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No ordinary Hair Extensions.
  • Zero Damage

    Most popular method with zero damage. Easy to apply for a full head of hair in less than 15 minutes.

  • High Margins

    Be rewarded with high profits approximately 160% margin.

  • High Returning Clientele

    Keep your clients happy and attract new clients.

  • Instant Length and Thickness

    Expand your creative styling by adding length, thickness, volume and colour.

  • No Dye or Chemicals

    Ombre and balayage can be done in minutes with tape extensions no dye or chemicals, your clients will love you for giving them beautiful colour and longer hair.

360° Backup
  • Training

  • Marketing

  • Support

We have engineered a super strong but gentle tape that is easy
to remove with no residue and zero damage.
  • Great saving with packages and opening deals

  • S1 hair care range to enhance the life of the hair extensions

  • Australian owned company with streamline delivery, customer service and support locally.

Marketing, Training & Support
  • Seamless1 lists your salon details on our website and Social Media to help you attract new clients to your business.

  • We provide signage and merchandise for maximum exposure.

  • Training* for all staff and continual salon support provided so you can introduce extensions for your salon. Your apprentice can become extension specialist and make you money.

  • We offer a unique method of application, taping and re-taping made easy with our training tips.

  • Seamless1 engineer and manufacture innovative products to make tape extensions a seamless experience for your salon. From storage solutions, curling rods, application trays and a hair care range

*Training provided with the purchase of the platinum package


Sydney’s very own Ashton has this to say about Seamless1 Hair Extension “I love it because its so easy to use…”
Kelly from the UK talks about her Seamless 1 tape hair extensions “Feels amazing, great, love the colour…” hear more from Kelly
Beautiful Elfie form Paris talks about her Seamless1 “Absolutely love it because its very natural, so quick to do its perfect, thank you Seamless 1…” hear more from Elfie
Amazingly talented Viva Bianca, Actress & SheRa Mag editor

– Loving her Seamless1 Hair Extensions

Viva Bianca


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